When Workers Won: Celebrate the Centenary!

The October revolution of 1917 is one hundred years old. The culmination of a long drawn-out process of struggle and contradiction, it is still not dead. The night the small parties of rough-handed workmen, armed with old rifles and revolvers, found themselves strolling through the halls of the Winter Palace in the city of St … Continue reading When Workers Won: Celebrate the Centenary!


Maoist Roads

[Revised version] By the beginning of the 1990s, communism appeared to be in retreat throughout the world. The socialist camp in eastern Europe was disintegrating after almost half a century of menacing western policymakers, while Beijing's market 'reforms' were gradually whittling away at the foundations of Mao's revolution. Meanwhile, the capitalist countries were restructuring as … Continue reading Maoist Roads

A Century On

A century has passed since the October revolution, almost to the day. When the red guards stormed the gates of the Winter Palace in St Petersburg during the night of November 7th, 1917 (Gregorian), the old order of courts, kings and empires, strained to the limit by the unprecedented bloodletting in Europe's trenches, finally came … Continue reading A Century On

Macron’s Victory is Not a Relief

When Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in the French election on May 7th, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Macron was not the best candidate, but the danger of Marine Le Pen's fear-mongering, hard-right politics was the overriding priority. The Economist, a prestigious magazine which leans towards right-of-centre political narratives, tweeted an article about … Continue reading Macron’s Victory is Not a Relief

Beautiful Images of Burning Cops Come Out of Paris May Day

On May Day, 2017, crowds of anti-racist workers and militants rallied in Paris to protest against┬áthe hard-right Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen. Subsequent clashes with the authorities, a traditional feature of demonstrations in the French capital, produced images of riot police engulfed in flames which a notorious, if predictable, British tabloid 'newspaper' has called "horrifying" … Continue reading Beautiful Images of Burning Cops Come Out of Paris May Day